Extra Mile Tire and Service Can Replace the Starter Motor Easily

Extra Mile Tire and Service is the best auto shop in Milton, and we would be happy to replace the factory starter in your automobile when it goes bad. We are going to list the signs of a bad starter below so you know what to look for in your vehicle. It’s important to have the starter replaced at the first indication of trouble. Otherwise, you may end up stranded with a dead engine.

Pre-Ignition Sounds

There are times when the starter will let you know that it is going bad. One of these times is the starter making noises before your engine fires up. The starter is the ignition part that turns the engine over and charges the spark plugs. If it is having difficulty performing these tasks, you may hear clicking or whirring after you press the start button or turn the ignition key.

A Dead Engine…

If the engine happens to start after the starter makes these noises, we recommend that you drive straight to our auto shop so we can replace the starter right then and there. The starter may only make noise one time before it dies. Consequently, and as mentioned above, you may end up stranded somewhere with an engine that will not start.

… With Working Lights

If the lights are still working, however, you can safely conclude that the battery and alternator are providing them with power. As such, the starter is the most common reason why your engine will not start. If it cannot turn over the engine for the air and fuel intake and power the spark plugs, your engine is going to be dead in definitely.

Smoke/Burning Odors

If you keep trying to start the engine, you will cause excess heat to build up inside the starter motor. Consequently, you may see smoke wafting from underneath the hood. You may also smell burning odors coming from the engine. This is an indication that the starter motor is too hot. You should not continue to attempt to start your automobile.

Leaking Cylinder Block

Finally, the reason why we are bringing up a leaking cylinder block in this blog post is that when the cylinder block leaks, it saturates the starter with motor oil. When this happens, your starter could die prematurely. Generally, you can expect to get about 100,000 miles out of the starter. A leaking cylinder block can shorten the starter’s lifespan exponentially.

Extra Mile Tire and Service in Milton, GA, is here to help, so give us a call today so we can schedule a service appointment to replace your starter.

Photo by Phantom1311 from Getty Images via Canva Pro