Your car’s life depends on more than just an oil change. Valvoline Professional Series Services maximize the life of your vehicle by protecting critical systems like the brakes, cooling system, fuel system, power steering and transmission.

What’s more, Valvoline backs the protection with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee with coverage of up to $4,000 for each critical system as long as you stay current on the services. Fluids must be changed every 30k miles to maintain warranty.

How Do I Qualify for the Program?

Select the System(s) that you want coverage and have service(s) performed. Mileage at the time of first service determines your coverage level.

How Do I Maintain Coverage?

  • Repeat your service according to the intervals shown below
  • Save your receipts
  • Return to original service provider to receive your next service

Services Covered

You only need to have services performed for those components for which you desire coverage.

Engine Additive 5,000 mi
Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner 5,000 mi
Fuel System Service 15,000 mi
Top Treat Oil System Cleaner 15,000 mi
Complete Fuel System Treatment 15,000 mi
Automatic Transmission Additive 15,000 mi
Cooling System Additive 15,000 mi
EasyGDf Cleanup Fuel System Service 30,000 mi
Engine Cleaning 30,000 mi
Diesel Fuel System Service 30,000 mi
Automatic Transmission Service 30,000 mi
Manual Transmission Service 30,000 mi
Transfer Case/Transaxles 30,000 mi
Differential/Gear Box Service (front and/or rear) 30,000 mi
Cooling System Service 30,000 mi
Power Steering Service 30,000 mi
Brake Fluid Service 30,000 mi

Valvoline stands behind all our “Valvoline Professional Series” products and services.

The Valvoline Professional Series Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Level 1 Coverage Up To $4000
Level 2 Coverage Up To $2000
Level 3 Coverage Up To $1000
Level 4 Coverage Up To $500
First Service Before 50,000 Miles
First Service Before 100,000 Miles
First Service Before 125,000 Miles
First Service Before 150,000 Miles

To Maintain Your Coverage:

  • 1.Repeat Your Service At Required Intervals
  • 2.Keep Your Receipts
  • 3.Return To Original Service Provider For Your Next Service

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