When your vehicle is acting up it can be frustrating. What is the actual problem? Why is it happening? How much time and money is this going to cost? The good news is that the vehicle diagnostic process is now easier than ever thanks to advances in auto repair technology and training. At Extra Mile Tire and Service, we make the process painless by offering accurate vehicle diagnostics and performing the correct repairs the first time. If you need vehicle diagnostics in Milton, GA, come by and see our team of pros today.

Check Engine Light Milton GA

The check engine light is part of one of the better innovations in automotive technology. It is connected to an advanced computer system that connects, controls, and monitors the major systems and components in your vehicle. When this system catches any issue, minor or major, it triggers the check engine light to turn on to let you know that it is time for a trip to the repair shop. While we don’t recommend that you panic at the sight of an illuminated check engine light, it is a bad idea to ignore it.

Vehicle Diagnostics Milton GA

At Extra Mile Tire and Service, we may start with a computerized scan, but we also take it to the next level by using the results as a guide to where the problem is located. Then one of our expert technicians takes a deeper dive into the affected system to find the real root of the problem. By doing this extra work on the front end, we are able to save you time and money that you don’t need to be wasting in the repair shop.

Vehicle Diagnostics Near Me

Don’t wait for your check engine light to come on, if you are experiencing any car trouble, it is time to make an appointment for the most accurate vehicle diagnostics in Milton. Contact Extra Mile Tire and Service today.

FREECheck Engine Light Scan

*Additional charges may apply should further diagnostics be needed to be determine cause. Limited time only.


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