Extra Mile Tire and Service Can Replace the Fuel Pump When It Goes Bad

In terms of mileage, plan to get about 100,000 miles out of the factory fuel pump. In terms of years, plan to get about 10 years out of it. After this time, Extra Mile Tire and Service can replace the fuel pump if it goes bad. Below are signs of a malfunctioning fuel pump so you know what to look for in your automobile.

Performance and Power Loss

As its name suggests, the fuel pump pumps the fuel out of the tank and into the engine. If it is malfunctioning, there may not be enough fuel in the engine to sustain power when the engine is under stress. There may also not be enough fuel in the engine to sustain speed when you are driving fast.

Surging and Speed Increases

The fuel pump can also do the opposite. Rather than fail to send enough fuel to the engine, the fuel pump can send too much fuel to the engine if it is malfunctioning. When this happens, you will end up with a surging engine that increases its speed by itself. This can be very frustrating and dangerous.

Reduction in the Gas Mileage

Whether your engine is slowing down or speeding up, you will notice a reduction in the vehicle’s gas mileage if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. Unfortunately, when the engine is not running as it should be, it tends to use more fuel. Consequently, you will not get the miles per gallon that you normally get.

Reduction in the Fuel Pressure

Another thing that will be reduced is the fuel pressure. If you have a fuel pressure gauge, you can test the fuel pressure to see if it is below normal. If you do not have a gauge, you can pick one up at the auto parts store. If you prefer, bring your vehicle to our shop for a fuel pressure test.

Increases in Engine Temperatures

We’ve talked a lot about reductions but one thing that will increase is your engine’s temperature if you have a faulty fuel pump. This is because the fuel pump motor will overheat and send the excess heat to the engine. When this happens, there will be an increase in your engine’s temperature.

Finally, Extra Mile Tire and Service in Milton, GA, advises that a dead fuel pump may make it difficult or impossible to start your automobile. Naturally, this is because the engine does not have any in it. Call us today to set up a service appointment for your vehicle.

Photo by Boyrcr420 from Getty Images via Canva Pro